Do Bounce Houses Ruin Grass? Can Possible Damages be Avoided?

Most homeowners agree that preserving a healthy grass is a matter of pride. You want your house to look pleasant, and proper grass treatment plays a significant function in that. So when you hear stories of bounce houses ruining yards, you take notice. Do bounce houses mess up grass? Is that really true?

Here's the concise response: No, bounce houses do not mess up grass. However without taking a couple of precautions, your bounce house can add to a array of elements that will turn grass yellow or brown.

The recipe for discoloring grass usually includes some mix of dryness and high heat, both of which prevail in the summer here in the States. There are various other variables to think about too; weeds and bugs are regular offenders. And gardeners spilling fertilizer on their grass while carrying it can disrupt the pH balance of the yard also.

Now here's the good news: grass is incredibly resilient, and discolored grass is generally far from destroyed. Grass goes dormant when it's distressed, thus the color tone changes. To restate a well-known Monty Python skit, it isn't dead ... it's just resting. It's waiting on conditions to improve so it can bounce back to colorfulness once more.

The majority of the time, discolored grass could be brought back to its green splendor with simply some moderate watering and a splash of perseverance. If there are bigger underlying issues, like pests or weeds, those may need to be resolved initially. But in the majority of circumstances yard discoloration is a straightforward matter of dryness and high temperature, and easily repaired with a sprinkler.

Just how Does a Bounce House Affect My Lawn?

A correctly set up bounce house isn't going to have any long lasting effect on an already healthy yard. However establishing your vinyl crossover or commercial inflatable on already-stressed grass can cause problems. Quickly remedied problems, yet troubles nevertheless.

Bounce houses are big. They're hefty. Ours here are made from heavy duty industrial grade vinyl. So when you set up a bounce house on grass, it's going to compound and intensify whatever underlying troubles your grass could have.

Unlike popular belief, bounce houses don't " choke" grass by cutting off oxygen. Instead, they boost those two abovementioned damaging elements-- temperature and dryness-- and that can cause grass to temporarily go dormant. Generally, this is easily taken care of with watering. And better still, it's pretty simple to avoid completely.

The most effective method to stop a bounce house from destroying grass (well, making it go dormant anyhow) is to guarantee the following:

  • Always set up your bounce house on a healthy lawn

  • Use lighter colored tarps underneath your bounce house. Darker tarps can soak up sunshine and pass the heat directly into your grass

  • Avoid "high heat" areas on your lawn that are often subjected to direct sunshine and aren't watered frequently

  • Never leave your bounce house up for more than 12 hours when preventable

  • If there's a shaded area of your yard appropriate for your inflatable game, set it up there as an alternative

  • Don't set up your bounce house in the same location each time you inflate it. Try to relocate around your lawn to different locations with each new setup

  • When your family and friends are done enjoying your bounce house and you've rolled it back up, water the grass for good measure

See to it You Have the Best Tarp for the Task!

Whether your bounce house is from our vinyl crossover why not try these out collection, or you're setting up a larger commercial inflatable, the sturdy tarp you select is going to play a significant part in keeping your bounce house from harming your grass.

Surf our assortment of industrial premium heavy duty tarps. Dark tarps work fantastic indoors and for configurations on cooler days in spring or fall. Lighter tarps and more colorful tarpaulins are ideal any time of year, but they especially radiate (no pun intended) in the summer, given that they'll reflect sunlight as opposed to absorbing it.

Need assistance finding the perfect tarp for your bounce house, blow up water slide, or inflatable obstacle course? Give our sales team a phone call today and we'll be more than happy to direct you in the best direction!

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